Isaac Tobin BSc AMInstP

    To date I have concentrated heavily on physics, gaining my BSc and now pursuing a PhD in TCD.


        -       Leaving certificate, 2005, Beneavin De La Salle, Finglas East, Dublin.

        -       1st class BSc(Hons) Physics Technology, 2005-2009, Dublin Institute of Technology.

        -       Completing PhD research, 2009-2014, Trinity College Dublin,
                          "Laser plasmas triggered discharge: Z-pinch and EUV".


        -       IT consultant, contract work upgrading and repairing computers for Saint Brigid's GNS, Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

        -       Market researcher, August 2006 to October 2008, Millward Brown IMS, Jervis Street, Dublin 1
                      information retrieval and collation from businesses and the general public on behalf of other organizations.

        -       Research internship, summer 2009,
                      the Laser and Plasma Applications group, Trinity College Dublin under Prof. James G. Lunney.

        -       Undergraduate tutorials, Sept. 2010 - Dec. 2013,
                      instructing in computer tutorials as a part of Maths Methods.

        -       Lab demonstrating, Sept. 2010 - Dec. 2013,
                      assisting the running of labs along with organising grading with Dr. Anna Drury and Prof. Igor Shvets.

        -       Co-supervised summer intern students, summers 2011 & 2012,
                      assisting their experiments and helping demonstrate the roll of a postgraduate researcher.

        -       Gained research experience in additional university groups:
                      SpecLab, University College Dublin throughout my PhD, and also,
                          Institut Laser Technique, RWTH Aachen University, Germany in early 2012.


        -       Successfully completed postgraduate courses in:
                      LabView in NUI Maynooth during 2009
                      and magnetism under Prof. M Coey in TCD during 2010.

        -       Attended seminars in both COMSOL and Solidworks
                      and have worked extensively with them as part of the support work behind my PhD research.

        -       Skilled in computer programming with knowledge of:
                      C, C++, Python, and many software based languages
                          (e.g. Origin, MatLab, LabView, Mathematica).

        -       Computer and electrical engineering background
                      substantial experience with integrated circuits, soldering, high voltages, & computer hardware.

        -       Skilled typist with many years computer experience in a working environment,
                      ECDL qualified, experienced with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

        -       Webmaster experience running and maintaining personal & professional websites:
             (2004 - 2007)
                 (2007 - present)
                     (2011 - present)

        -       Voluntary tutorials for inner city students taking leaving cert maths, applied maths and physics
                      as part of a program organised by the DIT Kevin Street chaplaincy.

        -       Committee member of Physics Society in DIT Kevin St., 2006 - 2008
                      helped set up and run the successful and active society, which won 3 awards.

        -       Experience roofing and labouring,
                      building and labouring during home refurbishments.

Gained knowledge in the areas of:

        o     high power laser operation, maintenance and safety (solid state, diode and gas mix lasers),

        o     atomic spectroscopy as a tool for plasma temperature and density estimates,

        o     plasma dynamics and instabilities in both laser and discharge regimes.

        o     fast gated imaging and ICCD detectors,

        o     EUV/UV/visible/IR and laser optics,

        o     ion probes and ion diagnostics,

        o     high voltage supplies,

        o     high vacuum systems,

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